About Personal Revival Blog

Hey, I’m David.  Welcome to Personal Revival Blog.  I am a follower of Jesus Christ.  I have a wonderful wife and three amazing children.  I am in the midst of a lifelong pursuit to be more like Jesus.  I have a heart to see people have personal encounters with Jesus that change their life.

My Story

Born and raised in Washington I grew up attending church and hearing a lot of sermons.  My earliest memories are sitting under pews at church playing with racecars.

After high school I did a yearlong discipleship program called Master’s Commission.  That year changed me as I connected with God during morning worship time seeking Him.  Two years later I attended Hillsong International Leadership College in Australia which was amazing.  Shortly after returning to Washington I spent 9 months interning at my church under the head pastor.

I decided at that point in my life to volunteer at church but not to pursue “full-time” ministry in a church.  I have volunteered consistently in churches, often running departments, since I was 20 years old.

My Beliefs

I grew up believing that if I was available, reading my bible, and praying, that I would automatically fulfill the great destiny God has for my life.  Recently my perspective has changed.  I now believe it is my responsibility to pursue the destiny God has for me to see it happen.  Faith requires action.

I believe God gives people physical, mental, and spiritual gifts.  Just as physical and mental gifts are grown through use, I believe spiritual gifts can grow through use also.  This generally requires being intentional.  I believe that every Christian (like me) can access all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, although some individuals are specifically given gifts for the equipping of the saints.

Why did I create Personal Revival Blog?

I never thought I would be sharing my life experiences with individuals I have never met over the internet but here I am.  I always have enjoyed telling people about what God has been doing in my life.   People around me began to suggest I blog about it.  I wasn’t interested at first but eventually realized it was something I would have appreciated in my personal journey.  I love being able to connect with great people online and being encouraged in my journey.

Who should read this blog?

This blog is for people who are looking for practical steps to see personal revival in their life, encourage me toward what God has for me, or want to follow along with my journey for personal revival.

I define personal revival as growing in body, soul, and spirit.  The emphasis of the blog will be on the spirit as there tends to be an abundance of material on growing in body and soul.

Are you interested in pursuing personal revival?

Please feel free to join me in pursuing personal revival.  I would love to hear testimonies of what God is doing in your life as you pursue to be more like Him.

God Bless!

-David Quinton

Notes of Clarification

I am open for feedback and enjoy a positive conversation.  I will not put people down and expect the same from others commenting on posts.  Please do not contact me for counseling or advice.  If you have issues that need to be addressed please go to a local church pastor.

Part of my purpose in life is equipping Christians to live life abundantly.  This blog will encourage readers to purchase books and music that I feel will help them in their journey.

I plan on posting links to books and music that I have found beneficial to me. Items purchased through the links will provide funds which will help keep the site running.  No one is paying me to promote their specific material.  Book reviews will not contain negative reviews.  If I don’t think the book will be helpful I won’t review it or suggest it.

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