Defining Moments: Asking my wife out and rejection!

David and Cayla at the Beach

I asked my wife Cayla to be my girlfriend about 10 years ago. She didn’t say yes, at least not immediately. God used the situation to heal rejection in my life.

After talking with her mother and getting the go ahead, I went for a walk with Cayla and her best friend. During the walk I asked her out. She didn’t give me an answer, although she thought she had. Our communication has progressed a lot since then!

The next 24 hours were a bit rough for me, but God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God. The day after asking her out I was torn between emotions. I soon found myself crying in my work van for an extended period of time and I didn’t know why. I asked God what was happening to me.

Later that afternoon I was spending time with God and He began to show me that I was dealing with rejection. He wanted to bring healing in my life. God began to bring into my mind one moment of rejection at a time, I would cry, and then he would bring healing. After about an hour of crying and healing, no more moments came to me. I felt free from past hurts and the rejection that came with them.  Part of the healing involved forgiving those who had rejected me.

I called and talked through the situation with a friend. When I hung up the phone with her, Cayla called immediately after. The beginning of the conversation was a bit awkward because she didn’t know she hadn’t answered me the previous day.  Once that was cleared up she told me she would be my girlfriend.

We celebrated our 9 year anniversary on June 28th. I am grateful that God used the situation to bring healing. I’m glad I took the time to seek God in the midst of my emotions rather than getting upset about the situation. God wants to meet with us and love on us!

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  1. I love that you are writing these encouraging words, Dave. You will always be precious to Dale and I! We’re also grateful for God’s mercy and love and healing where we most need it!

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