• Get a word from God (reading the Bible).
  • Talk to God (thanks, praise, requests, questions, etc.)
  • Encourage someone.
  • Take a risk with gifts (prophecy, word of wisdom, healing, etc.).
  • Exercise.
  • Do something that makes me laugh and smile.
  • Do something I enjoy.
  • Read a testimony, declaration, and prophecy.
  • Invest in my family.


  • Give something away.
  • Watch an encouraging video or movie.
  • Attend Church.
  • Invest in myself through learning.
  • Share Jesus (testimony, tell them Jesus loves them).
  • Go out of your way to love someone.
  • Practice gifts (prophecy, word of wisdom, healing, etc.).


  • Read a Christian Book.
  • Meet with someone who is doing something I want to be doing.
  • Have someone over for a meal.
  • Invest in extended family.