Speak Life Over Yourself!

It’s been a rough month for me. I have let myself down. Others have let me down. My expectations in many different areas of my life did not go as planned. I felt depressed and hopeless at many different points. It wasn’t just one thing; it was months of mostly unrelated situations piling on top of each other. I am coming out the other side. It is not because of my determination or my strength. It is because Continue reading “Speak Life Over Yourself!”

Co-labor with Christ: I’m not asking Jesus to take the wheel!

This past month I took some time off from work and fixed things around the house. I wasn’t inspired to write anything and didn’t take the time to put my thoughts into words, although God was speaking to me. God often stirs things inside of me and the picture isn’t quite clear at the moment. I have been pondering what it means to “co-labor with Christ.” Continue reading “Co-labor with Christ: I’m not asking Jesus to take the wheel!”

Witnessing a theft, idiots, and what’s in a name?

The Theft

As I walked my two oldest kids out of the door at the grocery store, we moved out of the way as a man wearing a hoodie squeezed by us. It was a bit unusual as the temperature was around 80 degrees. He was carrying a black bag that looked heavy. As he walked/jogged away toward a black lowered Honda Civic. Two men, who appeared to be employees from their name tags and clothing, came sprinting after the man in the hoodie yelling at him. Continue reading “Witnessing a theft, idiots, and what’s in a name?”

My near death experience last week

Near death may be a little bit of a stretch. Near hospitalization and career change is probably the most accurate, although it could have been death…

Apparently passing blindly in no passing zones has been a thing lately as a friend of mine had a similar “near death” experience a couple days after mine. I will attempt to give the short version.

It was a two lane road. Continue reading “My near death experience last week”