Speak Life Over Yourself!

It’s been a rough month for me. I have let myself down. Others have let me down. My expectations in many different areas of my life did not go as planned. I felt depressed and hopeless at many different points. It wasn’t just one thing; it was months of mostly unrelated situations piling on top of each other. I am coming out the other side. It is not because of my determination or my strength. It is because Continue reading “Speak Life Over Yourself!”

Witnessing a theft, idiots, and what’s in a name?

The Theft

As I walked my two oldest kids out of the door at the grocery store, we moved out of the way as a man wearing a hoodie squeezed by us. It was a bit unusual as the temperature was around 80 degrees. He was carrying a black bag that looked heavy. As he walked/jogged away toward a black lowered Honda Civic. Two men, who appeared to be employees from their name tags and clothing, came sprinting after the man in the hoodie yelling at him. Continue reading “Witnessing a theft, idiots, and what’s in a name?”

My near death experience last week

Near death may be a little bit of a stretch. Near hospitalization and career change is probably the most accurate, although it could have been death…

Apparently passing blindly in no passing zones has been a thing lately as a friend of mine had a similar “near death” experience a couple days after mine. I will attempt to give the short version.

It was a two lane road. Continue reading “My near death experience last week”

Do not repay evil with evil: Is my first response love?

Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble. Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult. On the contrary, repay evil with blessing, because to this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing.” – 1 Peter 3:8-9

As I read this scripture last night I felt like God was speaking to me through it but wasn’t sure what it was. I thought through my life and the people who I felt have wronged me. I have forgiven each of them and have spoken blessing over them to the best of my knowledge. Regardless of my thoughts, the feeling that God wanted to communicate something to me through the verse wouldn’t go away.

After working I went to bed without a thought in my mind. I had one dream I remember and it was weird (like most). In the dream I had been staying in a home with a friend. I had some keepsakes from my kids in the home. A greedy land baron was trying to take the land from me. Continue reading “Do not repay evil with evil: Is my first response love?”

Is God my single focus or are my circumstances?

I found myself encouraging a friend and I didn’t even know why. I wasn’t even sure they needed to hear it. After it happened I felt like I had been externally processing information that had been inside of me, which is not like me.

What I shared was how we can have righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit regardless of circumstances:

For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. – Romans 14:17

I then explained how it is not conditional. Peace doesn’t come once my enemies are defeated. It isn’t based on getting to a destination.  It is a destination in the midst of everything. Continue reading “Is God my single focus or are my circumstances?”

Strengthened by Hope!

This week seemed busier than my normal week. Today I found myself in a funk and didn’t know why. I was short with my kids and lacking patience. I didn’t think I needed hope, but I was wrong.

Often when I find myself getting emotional or in a mood, rather than turning to a specific feeling like anger, I let the feeling sit there. I try and figure out what I am feeling. Most of the time I am able to figure it out.

My list of things to get done this summer is long. It feels like I keep getting caught up with my weekly tasks and can’t make much of a dent in my list. This week I received a couple unexpected bills in the mail and tried to push through on my list. The last two days I didn’t take my quiet time with God.

The two things I was missing were love and hope. When I became task oriented love went out the door. When I stopped hoping Continue reading “Strengthened by Hope!”

Moving Forward One Step At A Time

I felt like God was speaking to me about taking one step at a time. A friend and mentor of mine mentioned it in a meeting about taking the step God has directed you to take, waiting for Him, and then taking the next step He directs you to take. It wasn’t something new to me.  I had heard it before and believed it to be true. The difference for me this week is that it was God’s word for me in the moment. Moving forward one step at a time. Continue reading “Moving Forward One Step At A Time”

Choosing to press through and strengthening myself in the Lord

Lots of great stuff happening including me choosing to press through my feelings!

I just finished a book called Prophetic Evangelism by Sean Smith and as a result may do a book review in the future.

I was able to share testimonies of God’s goodness in my life with several different people including co-workers yesterday.  Some friends shared testimonies of what God has been doing in their life and I was encouraged.  The easiest way I have found to witness is to tell others about what God is doing in my life.

After a great day I was getting ready for work and was feeling depressed.  As I began driving to work I felt like I needed encouragement.  I then remembered that I can strengthen myself in the Lord.  I put a smile on my face and said out loud, “I chose to be part of the kingdom of God which is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.”  Continue reading “Choosing to press through and strengthening myself in the Lord”

First Blog Entry!

This is my first blog entry.  This past week involved me getting this website started and lots of other excitement.  I witnessed to someone at a garage sale and invited them to church.  My wife told me as we were leaving that they are moving out of the area…

I was able to join my pastor in praying for someone who he lead to the Lord.  Yay God!

Continue reading “First Blog Entry!”