Moving Forward One Step At A Time

I felt like God was speaking to me about taking one step at a time. A friend and mentor of mine mentioned it in a meeting about taking the step God has directed you to take, waiting for Him, and then taking the next step He directs you to take. It wasn’t something new to me.  I had heard it before and believed it to be true. The difference for me this week is that it was God’s word for me in the moment. Moving forward one step at a time.

One step for me was creating this blog and FaceBook page. After taking that step and creating content I took a break for several days and waited for direction.  God is faithful. I feel the direction He gave me is that I should be doing a diary 1-2 times a week rather than daily. I also feel I should pursue doing daily scriptures/devotionals on the FaceBook page but I am not sure. That is a step I am currently pursuing.

Another step for me was something I felt like God has been speaking to me and made it even more clear. It is about how my primary focus is loving God, and loving people flows out of that relationship.  I seek God because I love God. I have also been seeking God for spiritual gifts in order to minister to others. I read a line in Translating God by Shawn Bolz that reminded me of my primary focus, “prophetic ministry is about your being a gateway to God’s thoughts, emotions, and heart for others through your connection to him.”

Fun Stuff:

My first post mentioned the Thankful Game I play with my family where we going around saying things we are thankful for. Today I complimented my 4 year old on how she says nice things to people. My son and/or I then said something nice about one of us.  My son then said to me, “we should play this game like the Thankful Game.” #blessed #genius

I want to challenge you to play the Thankful Game (or the new Compliment Game) this week and remember to continue moving forward taking one step at a time.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog! Be blessed!

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